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Equipment for travelling on water and land!

The Packrafting Store is dedicated to the concept of Packrafting: travel with small, portable yet functional and tough ‘backpacking boats’. Here you will find products and services based around the combination of trekking and adventure watersports. Our aim is to provide readily available packrafting equipment in the European Union. 




For information on Packrafting as an activity visit packrafting.de, our personal blog in English and German, geographically focusing on Europe with reference to other regions.

4 years Packrafting Store: Things are going on! 

It has been our 4th anniversary! The Packrafting Store remains dedicated to the concept of amphibious travel! The year 2016 will see further diversification and the right accessories with us. 

A good start is our New section, introducing the latest stocking, most notibly our new whitewater packraft, the Alligator 2S.

For customers fitted out, our thorough replacement partsaccessories and course program keeps on using your existing gear!

"The site and products look awesome, you guys are doing a great job! Take care.Luc Mehl, Anchorage, Alaska


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Kayakfestival Tirol, May 26th to 29th

At the Kayakfestival in Tirol (Austria) you can test our packrafts on natural waterway (mittlere Ruetz, Natterer See)!
There are also various workshops, a bothercross competition and a kanupolo tourney. In the testcenter you can test our packrafts all-day. More information. See you!

Comparision Charts

All models, all data, one document: With our new comparison chart you can have an overview about our packraft and paddle range.